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Site Security

The OSAP website has security features designed to ensure that all information is kept secure:

    • SSL Technology - secure socket layer (SSL) technology shown by a closed lock symbol.
    • Encryption - information is encrypted so that it cannot be accessed.
    • ID and Passwords – you are assigned an ID and you create a password that only you know.

New User Registration

As a first-time user you’ll provide:

    • first and last name
    • date of birth
    • Social Insurance Number (SIN) - SINs starting with 0, 3, 8, are temporary SINs and are not valid for OSAP. Contact Employment Insurance, Human Resources and Skills Development Canada to obtain a permanent SIN.
    • password
    • challenge questions and answers – to be used if you forget your password

After you register you will get your OSAP Access Number (OAN), a random 9-digit number that you use from then on to log into the OSAP website.

A strong password has:

    • 8 to 12 characters
    • number(s)
    • upper and lower case letter(s)


        • Use special characters (e.g., #, !, %, &).
        • Create a password that someone else would know, such as your Social Insurance Number, name or the name of your pet.
        • Share your password with anyone.


        • Change your password on a regular basis
        • Remember your OAN – you keep it forever so don’t lose it.
        • Remember that your password is case sensitive
        • Log off your session and close your browser (especially if using a public computer).

If you try to register as a new user and you are not able to it may be that you registered a long time ago, gave us a paper application form, and/or have data on file that we cannot release until you provide proof of identity. Contact your financial aid office for help.

Forgot Your OAN or Password?

If you try to log in and cannot because you forgot your password and/or OAN, you are temporarily locked out for 1 hour. You can do this up to 3 times and then you are permanently locked out.

You cannot call OSAP or your financial aid office to get your password or OAN.

    If you lost your password you can:

        • Use your Challenge Questions to log in.
        • Go to the financial aid office at a public Ontario college or university and get a new one.
        • Fill out a Temporary Password Request Form.

    If you lost your OAN you can:

        • Use the “Forgot Your OAN” option that asks for some personal information and then presents your Challenge Questions. If OK, you will be told your OAN.
        • Go to the financial aid office at a public Ontario college or university to get it – you’ll need to provide proof of identity.
        • Fill out a Request for OAN form.

If you are permanently locked out you can only get your password or OAN by going to a financial aid office or completing the appropriate form.

    Proof of Identity must be valid and legible and includes:

        • Your Social Insurance Number (SIN) card or an official Government of Canada document that contains your Social Insurance Number (e.g., a Notice of Assessment from Canada Revenue Agency)
        • Government-issued photo identification - driver’s licence, Canadian passport, Permanent Resident or Canadian Citizenship card or Ontario Health Card.